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War of Clicks

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Work Online & Get Paid

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My Face

I don't know if there are any people think like me but I always have curiosity to see any one that may be (my twin) hmm I mean someone that may have the same face that I have haha even though I am getting shocked I don't know why! But I really get feared a lot but for example when we look at the mirror we don't get that fearing! Does any one like to see his similar?! And even if you found it, will you get shocked?!! Does any one has an interpretation why we get feared when we look at someone has like our face!! 

Microbiology & Immunology

This semester, I have taken a nice course which is Microbiology and Immunology. 
In this course, I’ve live a nice short-life in the laboratory. 
And this was the most amazing part of the course.

My World

I missed something very important to me. Something I didn’t know that I’ll really miss. I am looking for myself from the while that I’ve stopped writing. Yes, writing is my life stories. I always used to write what I feel and what I did or what I wish. I am not writing to get famous or to get some attention from others. I just write because this is really my relief. Sometimes, I get depressed. And sometimes, I feel so happy to express my feeling. But the most time that I really need to write is that when my heart cries.

I just want a trustful social media !

I have looked for many sites of social media for communication with foreign people but unfortunately I haven’t found any of them which really beneficial for communication. I have tried a lot but I found that the people are less communicable these days I don’t know why! But now, I am happier because I found many social people in my university. Yet, I hoped if I found any social people in trustful social media.

Am I Going to Die?!!!

Hey all, I really need to talk with someone. Every day I am getting depressed more and more. But what is the solution so! I am not comfort rather I am too tired. When I was at school, I thought all will be fine in the university and I didn’t recognized how tiring I will suffer there!

Do you still have Friends!

      Someone said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Yet, not all what we dream about we can get! Nowadays, friends become like dreams. If you have a real friend, you achieved a lot in your life. The idea is not about how many friends you have. Rather, it is about how many real friends you have. One may have one, another may have two and the other may not even have any. It is all about your lucky. If you find one, you did well. Unfortunately, we are losing this value every day.

My First Challenge in Driving

From 2 days ago, it was my lovely day. My uncle taught me the first driving course. I get so happy to learn the beginning of driving a car. I can’t express my feeling how I felt. The more I go on the more self-confident I felt. Thank God, I finished without any troubles. Actually, it was a dream for me to learn how to drive a car. Because of that, I am so glad that I could do it ^_^ Hmm, my dad always travels me. He doesn’t let me go anywhere by my own. Wish me good luck my friends. 

I Don't Like Honey

There are many strange people. Once, I was with my father with our car. My father stopped in order to buy somethings from the market. When he arrived and started the car, someone quickly knock strongly at the window. I get scared at the beginning. Then, my dad opened the window to answer the knocker. Then, that strange one said that he has honey and he wanted to buy us. He stayed talking to my dad about 10 min trying to persuade him even without letting my dad speak! Till he started screaming to sell us! I get scared more. Then, thank God, my dad stopped talking to him and started his car again. There are many weird people. They feel that they can work in this way! NEVER. Actually, these kinds of people scared me a lot. 

A Challenged Experience

To me, the university isn’t just about passing courses. Rather, it is a whole program which teaches me the life. When I finished my high school, I was afraid to go to a university because of the second language. Especially the Global University which many people worried me from going to it telling me that it’s very hard to pass the courses there since it just depends on English. But still, I challenged myself and went there and I did Eng104 and Eng105 and passed them. But when I reach to Eng201, several students frightened me from Mrs. Samira and from the course itself. Thus, I was training a lot in the summer writing my own blog. Therefore, I enrolled into it but without full of excitement. But indeed, I admit that I really get improved.

Back ^_^

Hey my friends,
I miss you a lot, really I miss blogging. I was too busy in the university since I had final exams. Today is my first day of the vacation :) ^_^ I have prepared for the vacation since 2 weeks ago ^_^
I wish I can communicate to each one who is reading my post. I like to know much about you :) 
If any one likes to add me I will be so happy. 
I had really many experiences during this term. I was studying anatomy and physiology and I have faced many troubles with them. Since, there was a lot of complex information and details. But, finally, thank God, I have passed the course :) :) :) 

Ghost at Home

Someone said; it was draining a lot and never was expected! I was alone since my parents had a party with their friends. It was about 11:00 pm. I will never forget what happened that day! Everything was uncontrollable. But, thank God, I am still alive!

University Students Life

    When we were at school, we all thought that university is our saver. We were such dreamers! How many things did we decide to do when we become university students?!! Now, I'm a university student and I have waken up from all the dreams. Actually, this period of studying is really stressful.

For 16 Hours I have waken up !

The last Thursday I stayed waking up 16 hours without any small rest or even eating. I stayed at university working, studying, doing some important tasks such as photocopy some important papers and asking the doctors about somethings. I will never forget that day. I have really got tired. It was a tiring day from 5 a.m till 7 p.m until I came back home, I ate and then I slept at 9 p.m. 
Sometimes, I forget myself. I don't eat enough or I don't sleep enough.

I Just Want to Be Normal

Sometimes, I feel bad without even know about the reason ! I do not know if there are people like me but really I find myself I can not determine why I am feeling like this ! why I am not comfortable ?! I am always trying to look for the main reason that causes me feeling miserably. As I am trying hard to find anything that change that mood but really I can't ! I do not want to be happy I just want to be normal. There are a lot of feelings control me may be because I am starting new semester at university after a month of vacation and now I am trying to adapt again.

Sometimes ...!

Sometimes, I feel that life is just boring and sometimes I feel that I am so busy in doing somethings and I wish anyone not interrupting me until I finish my work ! Sometimes, I feel I am so bad and sometimes I feel that life is not enough to me for express my happiness ! Sometimes, I sleep for 12 hours then I wake up lazily and sometimes I sleep for just 5 hours then I wake up actively ! That's life ... Sometimes you expect something then you get something else ...!

See what doctors found a man willing to complain of itching

Stunned doctors after examining the man complained of itching and tingling his ear the existence of a huge insect lives inside, where it was extracted using the endoscope by dragging them from the interior of the ear canal.

The Blog is my Real Goal

I have really believed that never is beneficial in order to gain money from the internet except the blogs! While other people say that blog are too slow, but I have tried it. It just need real work nothing else. We just need to give our blogs our times and we will see. I personally have tried many popular sites and domains to make money online - I am not going to mention names to don't advertise them more. There are many websites that are not trust. As there are many sites one can make money from them but they are really too slow; I have worked in a very popular site about 2 weeks and I really have given my whole time in the end he accounted to me about 0.36 $ !!!!! Additionally, I have worked in another very popular website, I have worked about a week and they accounted to me 9 $ so I got patient and enthusiastic then, unexpectedly they banned me ! Honestly I have tried many other websites and I never get the money except from the blog. So, I have decided after that useless time which I have wasted it with those sites that I have to keep in my own blog. 

I'm Changing !

I become totally different! Before, I was too shy person. I have not had that much of responsibility. I have discovered that university really changes us a lot!