I'm Changing !

I become totally different! Before, I was too shy person. I have not had that much of responsibility. I have discovered that university really changes us a lot!

Avoid Selfishness

Selfishness is the most adjective that I hate. As I think that a lot of people hate it too.  Yes, we are human beings and all of us have something of this adjective. But, I really get surprised when I see a mother favors herself of her children!

Lovely Birds

You and I forever will be like the lovely birds which are free
We must try hard to save our love from the entire world if they won’t agree
Don’t miss our true love story till we die
Do you remember our first date?!!
It was at eight 
If you ask me I will never be late …
You taught me that I must never hate
You are my fate
If I need anything, I will not find like you a mate
Really, I love you so much
And I can’t measure your love rate

My final expression …

If I behave like you
You won’t like to be you
You can try hard
To never lose your heart
You can keep maintain
To not lose your love
If you really care
Then where is the dare?!!
I’m always here
My heart is near
But whenever I will be
You will always be far
You can try hard
To change yourself
And don’t lose me
You can change yourself
To keep maintaining me
If you really want me …
That’s my final expression,
I loved you but you hurt me
Then what can I do?!!
If we don’t agree …
Adaptation must be
It may be too tired but we can change if we
Love and really love
But the truth is that we don’t …
Till forever I will say
Good bye “my love”.