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China keep going

Why china is the most popular country in the world nowadays ??!!
They work together ,, they achieve together ,, they are like one hand ,,
At the end, they become the first country which produces …
Are we like them ?? Are we work deeply ?? Are we produce like them ?!! NEVER
Why ??! no answer .. we just don’t like to move ,, don’t like to work ,, all what we want is to depend on others.

How have I chosen the nursing major ?!!

When I have finished the secondary school, I had to choose a major and a university .. I have had a lot of majors in my mind I like to do as many students. Honestly, I have wanted to choose teaching, English language, translating, business, nursing, nutrition, biomedical, … and my mind was too confused.

Parenting Stress

Parenting causes many stress on many parents .. But still, one have to adapt in order to maintain child’s life .. If you have children, you can suggest many solutions to get rid from this stress or even show us your situation ..

Ask your child

When I was in the secondary school, there was a doctor who taught me a lot … Once he told me something that I won’t be able to believe it, he said that when you face a problem and you don’t know how to solve it go and ask a child below 8 years (surely he meant a problem in our daily lives) and really I have tried it … I find it a good idea :)



About Me :

Hello everybody ..
I’m Aya Khal .. I have 20 years old .. I’m studying nursing second year at Global University ..  
I work in this blog with Yousra Masry, I guess we can achieve a very good work as we have established another blogs together. This blog talks about many subjects including technologies, health, handmade, writing, status and many materials that are related to life. 
In addition, we have chosen this title for our blog (Life Software) since everything has its own software in order to maintain its balance so life has the most important software that we have to talk about ,, and this software which I meant including all materials that are related to our lives.  

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Arranged Marriage & Love Marriage

Are you married ? What kind of marriage you have done ?!
Arranged marriage or love marriage !! And if you aren’t married yet, what do you prefer between both ?!

Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt

  • Today I am Going to Tell you a very Simple Procedure to Make Your Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt. Because of the Use of Pirated Copy of Windows they often face the Error “Windows 7 is not genuine” and because of this they are Unable to Change the Desktop Background Settings and Control Panel Settings.

Disappearance of Files From Flash Memory (USB)

The disappearance of files from the flash disk or external (External HDD) after suffering by
viruses although they still exist (evidenced by the flash or disk space fills up).

Caring Better Than Treatment

Indeed, patients need our caring and support more than treatment. Since psychological support has more effect on patient’s self than treatment, so we must be with our patients hand by hand and don’t let them feel that they are burden. In addition, most patients don’t fully cure because of this feeling :(