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Age Group of Alcohol Abuse

Who are the alcohol abusers mostly?? Adolescence has the highest rate among alcohol abusers because there are many factors affect guys in this interval of time. First of all, they consider themselves older than before, thus, they drink like older people. Second, the peer pressure is a very dangerous factor. Adults may have alcohol addicted fiends so they become like their friends. Another factor is the environmental stress. For example, when the guy, in this age group, faces any problem, he solves it by drinking alcohol considering that he is old now.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Usually, alcohol abusers end up with a very sad story. Because alcohol blind mind, alcohol abusers can’t control their behaviors. Some of them die by car accidents while they are drinking. Others get fractured area of their body by car accident even because they are unconscious from alcohol they drink. Moreover, there are a lot of alcohol abuser get many diseases because of alcohol abuse. In the beginning, man doesn’t pay attention to these consequences until he became an alcohol addicted! I don’t know why we always wait for the suffering to enter our houses and then we don’t know how to get rid of it! Be aware guys. Do you really think that your concerns will be solved by drinking alcohol?!!! I don’t think so. We should be more intelligence to know how to solve our problems without letting such a drink control us! 

Causes of Alcohol Abuse

I found that this topic is so important to talk about because sadly this aspect has spread in a very wide range in the world. Absolutely we all know the diseases that the alcohol causes it. But now I am not going to talk about the disorders and how alcohol is too dangerous rather we should look for the causes. What are the causes that lead anyone to feel that he really needs to drink alcohol without caring to the diseases and whatever?!!

History of the Family

From many years ago, most of the families had the same life style. The father was working and the mother was stayed at home raising their kids and doing house-chores while the kids were studying. However, nowadays, things are changing. Thus, the Lebanese families model change too. Accordingly, all family members are working in order to achieve their needs. The father and the mother are working together. Moreover, their children are studying at universities and they are working at a time. This change has happened because of several factors.


No one care about your crying and sadness more than you. Thus, don't expect from any one to help you or even to feel sympathy with you especially nowadays. This thing one have to keep it in his mind in order to don't be upset from the others' behavior.

The Available and Helpful Reference "T.V."

     "Television Addiction" is an article written by Marie Winn. She has talked about the time when T.V. becomes a serious addiction. Also, she compared it with the alcoholic or drugs addiction. By supporting her point of view, she clearly showed by giving many examples the negative influence of television on our minds. But Marie Winn has ignored the positive effects of television on our culture.

Who doesn't look for the beauty ?!?

For sure here I mean the beauty of our partner who we are looking for. Every human has its own beauty. But we are thinking just of the out beauty regardless of the feeling, treatment, behavior and how the person looks.

Bats are not as we thought!

I have read about something that really get me surprised ! I have read about "Bats" it was really attractive article as it has a lot of Information that I was not know them ! Bats have 1000 species and not all of them feed on the same! many of them feed on insects and others feed on fruits, flowers, ... and many others feed on Blood of large mammals such as cow.

Avoid Selfishness

Selfishness is the most adjective that I hate. As I think that a lot of people hate it too.  Yes, we are human beings and all of us have something of this adjective. But, I really get surprised when I see a mother favors herself of her children!


How is life ?!! people ask you something they don't have any business of that ! and others get curious a lot because of somethings they shouldn't ! is it weird enough to say for him not your problem and what's your matter ! I really get confused when some of them ask me anything he has nothing to do ! I feel I want to shout at him and say NOT YOUR BUSINESS ... I wish all of us just take care of ourselves and forget about others.

Talk To Your Child

We didn’t learn from nothing! We have born with unknowing naturally. Then, our parents have taught us till we become more understanding for life. Discussion is the most factors that affect positively your child’s life.

Be Yourself

A lot of humans nowadays take many considerations according to what is the most well-known and what is fit in front of others. And we forget about our needs and considerations.

The Meaning of Apology

Apology doesn’t always mean that you are wrong, it means that you appreciate your relationship with others more than your victory.

What’s your purpose ??!!

No one can live without a purpose .. For what do we live if we don’t have goals in our lives !! One may live to learn, another may live to work, and there are a lot whom live just to save their families … So, you should have a purpose in your life and work hardly to achieve it because life is not just watching T.V or playing games etc…

Don’t hurt the others !

One may be happy from a word and even cry from a word ! Our lives may change from nothing …… just words ! Many words may destroy us and lead to failure. Since we are humans and all of us have feeling. At the end, the nice and the bad word can be talked, so why we don’t keep controlling on our talking !!

No need for development

I have really shocked from this generation !! There are no readers neither from books nor from the internet ! Sadly, there are only a few readers whom still read till today …
This generation has nothing to do except watching television and playing games on cell phones !!

Comparison Between The Old And Current Cartoons

The old cartoons were really amazing ! I can’t compare them with the current animated cartoons at all. The old cartoon programs have had entertaining stories and purpose.

Don’t lose your family

Most families have problems and concerns in their relationships. We may don’t talk to each other for a long time, even we may don’t like each other, and our minds may not agree with all of our family …

Choose your words

Judgment about something doesn’t affect ourselves, but the way that we talk hurts a lot .. How can one change positively his way of talking !! How can one choose carefully his words during any conversation !! We should learn the protocols of talking to avoid many types of problems. If we think before we talk, we can avoid a lot of troubles that we may do …

Your image is important

One should take care of his self-image. I mean whatever account you have on social media one must keep maintaining his self-image respectful at least in front of people. Because others may take a false first impression of you -for example- because of your incorrect chosen of your profile or username or photos that you share. In this world we don’t have anything to loose except our self-image so one must keep it in mind always.