No one care about your crying and sadness more than you. Thus, don't expect from any one to help you or even to feel sympathy with you especially nowadays. This thing one have to keep it in his mind in order to don't be upset from the others' behavior.

Collecting Languages

Hello every body, 
I like varieties in languages and I wish if I can learn many of them. I just can talk in English and Arabic languages and I am asking for a help from any one if he/she can teach me (French, Turkish, or British languages) I will really appreciate that ... we can take lessons here in the blog (in comments) as we can benefit the others also :) I want just learn the basics in communication. 
Thank you 

Ghost at Home

Someone said; it was draining a lot and never was expected! I was alone since my parents had a party with their friends. It was about 11:00 pm. I will never forget what happened that day! Everything was uncontrollable. But, thank God, I am still alive!