Ghost at Home

Someone said; it was draining a lot and never was expected! I was alone since my parents had a party with their friends. It was about 11:00 pm. I will never forget what happened that day! Everything was uncontrollable. But, thank God, I am still alive!

Suddenly, I heard noisy at the bedroom window. First, I didn’t think badly so I went to see what that was! While I was going downstairs, the electricity has gone! I have shacked but I have returned back hopefully I find any light. Whenever I started returning back, the electricity returned back too. I think all was happening by lucky. Then, I get annoyed a little bit. But still, I wanted to know what that noisy voice was! I have continued my way downstairs without doubt. I still remember how slowly I was walking! As I ended all the stairs, my foot has stuck with something. When I looked at it, I found a very small hole in the ground which I have never seen it before! I thought that something has happened and my parents forgot to tell me. Then, I got nearer to the window. While I have made sure that it was closed, a hand has put in front of me. I ran quickly away to reach the handset. My heart beat was too loud and rapid. The telephone was too far as if it was in the neighbor’s house! Finally, I have reached it. But … it didn’t work! Without noticing, my cell phone was in my pocket all the time! I have caught it up rapidly and I have hardly distinguished the symbols. I was looking for the contact list with no recognizing! The noising returned back but this time was by using a light! Lastly, I reached my dad’s number hopefully he answers me since they may not hear the phone or even ignore it. Then, my dad answered me and I tried to explain to him what was happening briefly. He couldn’t understand me. While the light has stopped, I started whispering a lot to my dad pleasing him to return back as soon as possible. He didn’t understand my words but he got worried from my whispering by saying to me “what! What is happening? Are you okay??” Nothing was around me just silence and my dad was still asking. Then, movements are rapidly moved on around the house. My body became less active to escape moreover I unconsciously collapsed the phone. The electricity was switched on and off quickly so I raced on my parent’s room and I have locked the door behind me. But the luck was opposite to me. That unknown entered the house and found me! I started putting the closet and whatever I looked at it in front of the door while he was trying to push it up. I started crying and shouting “what do you want?” “Who are you?” and no answer just violent behavior!  Suddenly, he left the door as if he went out! I didn’t find any solution except opening the window and escape! I collapsed myself from the window without realizing the distance. Then, I felt that my foot has broken up. I’ve heard it! I heard that sound of a bone when it breaks up! It hurt me a lot but I remained silent as much as possible and I tried to walk on it or even to jump in one foot. I have really realized that one who is in fear can do anything just for the soul! While I was running, I felt that someone far away was observing me! Thus, I tried to run faster and faster as much as possible. Whenever I looked at a tree, I imagined it as a ghost. But I had a gigantic curiosity in myself to know what that ghost wanted from me! Then, I found an emitted light from a car far away from me. At the beginning, I got scared to go toward it but at last I had no other choose! I have closed immediately from that car hopefully it could help me. When I got closed, I have seen my parents! I have quickly gone with them and told them what happened. My dad has rapidly called the police. Then suddenly, something has stopped our way by beating one of the wheels. That unknown again was waiting for us! He was holding something I couldn’t distinguish it and beating the glasses of the car. Then, my mother and I have run away while my father was trying to confuse him. Then, my dad followed us. After that, we have seen a man as if he was looking for someone! We have rapidly closed to that person to ask him for help then he said that he was looking for someone if we have seen it. And he described to us that person: “he is very tall and he seems awfully strange, he wears black outfits, and his hair is tall and curly”. We got shacked from him; he was looking for that ghost! Then we said no in the same frightening voice and we run away. Then, the man noticed that we saw that strange one and we got afraid from him. Hence, he pleased us to stop to understand us who that person was. We returned to him unpleasantly. He told us: “That weird guy is my brother’s son and he is mentally abnormal because he lost his mother in front of his eyes when he has 8 years old. His mother was suffered extremely from cancer until she begged from her husband to kill her since she couldn’t stand more that killer in her body. Then, the child heard his mother’s pain then he run quickly to see her but he couldn’t reach her. When he arrived, he found her dead. He found his father killing his mother by using the gun! He heard that voice … Voice of gun! Then, the dad killed himself since he couldn’t believe that he did that! And all what I am doing is protecting that guy from himself. He always falls in troubles with others hopefully he can find his mother in any house or even to kill any one just to feel satisfied”. He continued: “he was in a hospital for the mentality diseases for several years ago but I felt that he get improved and I can help him by leaving him the hospital and get connected to others. But what’s happening!! That’s my fault, that’s my fault!”

In the end, the man searched for the guy and he found him. The guy recognized his uncle so that was easily for the man to control his action. The police arrived and they took that guy to return him back to the hospital as they took me also because of my broken foot. My parents swear that they will never leave me alone again. And I will never forget this experience whenever I am alive as I will keep thanking the God who protected me.

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