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Am I Going to Die?!!!

Hey all, I really need to talk with someone. Every day I am getting depressed more and more. But what is the solution so! I am not comfort rather I am too tired. When I was at school, I thought all will be fine in the university and I didn’t recognized how tiring I will suffer there!

I'm Changing !

I become totally different! Before, I was too shy person. I have not had that much of responsibility. I have discovered that university really changes us a lot!

How have I chosen the nursing major ?!!

When I have finished the secondary school, I had to choose a major and a university .. I have had a lot of majors in my mind I like to do as many students. Honestly, I have wanted to choose teaching, English language, translating, business, nursing, nutrition, biomedical, … and my mind was too confused.

The Angel Job


Are you enjoying responsibility? Are you like helping people? Are you organized? If yes, that is nice... You can be a nurse. A nurse not only rescues patient’s life but also protects his/her children from pains and risks. There are several jobs in nursing and all of them are much more required nowadays.