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I Don't Like Honey

There are many strange people. Once, I was with my father with our car. My father stopped in order to buy somethings from the market. When he arrived and started the car, someone quickly knock strongly at the window. I get scared at the beginning. Then, my dad opened the window to answer the knocker. Then, that strange one said that he has honey and he wanted to buy us. He stayed talking to my dad about 10 min trying to persuade him even without letting my dad speak! Till he started screaming to sell us! I get scared more. Then, thank God, my dad stopped talking to him and started his car again. There are many weird people. They feel that they can work in this way! NEVER. Actually, these kinds of people scared me a lot. 

Ghost at Home

Someone said; it was draining a lot and never was expected! I was alone since my parents had a party with their friends. It was about 11:00 pm. I will never forget what happened that day! Everything was uncontrollable. But, thank God, I am still alive!

Who is whistling ?!!

Once, there is a doctor in a university and he was explaining a lecture. Suddenly, he has heard a whistling voice. So, he asked his students : Who has toot right now !!

Comparison Between The Old And Current Cartoons

The old cartoons were really amazing ! I can’t compare them with the current animated cartoons at all. The old cartoon programs have had entertaining stories and purpose.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

We -as humans- forget especially the information, but we all need to be more knowing about science information and those (Doctors and Physicians) who have studied and tired to achieve their positions in order to treat us ... So, at least to keep memorizing and respect those people I ask and encourage American cinema to direct more films like "The Ben Carson Story" to let these respectful people and their achievements in our minds. Really I liked this movie so much, at least now I have an idea about this doctor. I advise you to see it also in the link above.