My World

I missed something very important to me. Something I didn’t know that I’ll really miss. I am looking for myself from the while that I’ve stopped writing. Yes, writing is my life stories. I always used to write what I feel and what I did or what I wish. I am not writing to get famous or to get some attention from others. I just write because this is really my relief. Sometimes, I get depressed. And sometimes, I feel so happy to express my feeling. But the most time that I really need to write is that when my heart cries.

But surprisingly, I discovered that I didn’t write anything for a long time! The courses are taking a lot of time from me. I am living in a killing routine. In the same time, I can’t take little courses because I want to finish quickly. Thankfully, I still have two courses for the final exam. Now I can write as I want and I can live in my own world :)

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