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I just want a trustful social media !

I have looked for many sites of social media for communication with foreign people but unfortunately I haven’t found any of them which really beneficial for communication. I have tried a lot but I found that the people are less communicable these days I don’t know why! But now, I am happier because I found many social people in my university. Yet, I hoped if I found any social people in trustful social media.

Back ^_^

Hey my friends,
I miss you a lot, really I miss blogging. I was too busy in the university since I had final exams. Today is my first day of the vacation :) ^_^ I have prepared for the vacation since 2 weeks ago ^_^
I wish I can communicate to each one who is reading my post. I like to know much about you :) 
If any one likes to add me I will be so happy. 
I had really many experiences during this term. I was studying anatomy and physiology and I have faced many troubles with them. Since, there was a lot of complex information and details. But, finally, thank God, I have passed the course :) :) :) 

Collecting Languages

Hello every body, 
I like varieties in languages and I wish if I can learn many of them. I just can talk in English and Arabic languages and I am asking for a help from any one if he/she can teach me (French, Turkish, or British languages) I will really appreciate that ... we can take lessons here in the blog (in comments) as we can benefit the others also :) I want just learn the basics in communication. 
Thank you 

People's Communication Have Been Changed

    Computers have changed people's communication patterns in several ways. Computers have made people talk less than before with their families as they consider that using the computer is the most important thing in their lives. Also one has to highlight that teenagers especially have become very rude with their families. Indeed, our communications have been effected by using computers.