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I just want a trustful social media !

I have looked for many sites of social media for communication with foreign people but unfortunately I haven’t found any of them which really beneficial for communication. I have tried a lot but I found that the people are less communicable these days I don’t know why! But now, I am happier because I found many social people in my university. Yet, I hoped if I found any social people in trustful social media.

Likesasap: A Big Liar Website

This website is really untruthful. I got banned without doing anything wrong!
I used to work on this website for a long time and once I received a sudden message telling me that I got banned. I tried to sign up again but I couldn't. 
Pay attention and don't try it. 

Your image is important

One should take care of his self-image. I mean whatever account you have on social media one must keep maintaining his self-image respectful at least in front of people. Because others may take a false first impression of you -for example- because of your incorrect chosen of your profile or username or photos that you share. In this world we don’t have anything to loose except our self-image so one must keep it in mind always.