Causes of Alcohol Abuse

I found that this topic is so important to talk about because sadly this aspect has spread in a very wide range in the world. Absolutely we all know the diseases that the alcohol causes it. But now I am not going to talk about the disorders and how alcohol is too dangerous rather we should look for the causes. What are the causes that lead anyone to feel that he really needs to drink alcohol without caring to the diseases and whatever?!!
From my point of view, I see that guys drink to forget, yeah, but what are the factors that blind their eyes and minds with this kind of abuse <<Alcohol abuse>>?!!
You can find someone fought with his family so he may go and drink just to forget. Or someone lost his girlfriend and he drinks to forget. Another one may drink to forget his financial troubles. Or those who drink whatever sad occasion occur to them! Or that guy who drinks because his girlfriend didn’t love him anymore!
There are many causes of alcohol abuse whatever these causes are convenient to some people or not to others. But the idea is one <<Alcohol abuse>>. We should pay attention to a very important point which is we need to live and we need to have problems to find solutions to them or we are not living, we are just dreaming!
Another point is that we should be aware and very conscious because any problem can’t be treated with blind mind because of alcohol. So we need to center on the problem to know its solution. 
Be aware! Don’t be an alcohol abuser not because of its physiological disorders rather because you need to wake up very much to solve your concerns. 

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