There are two main reasons that cause mutation. First reason is exposure. When people are over-exposed to x-rays, they have a high level of danger to their cells to be mutated. Also, when people over-expose themselves to the sun, their cells may become mutated.

Teachers & Students

There are many things that teachers and students have in common. First, teachers have their own lives. Likewise, students have their activities. Another similarity is preparing the lessons. Teachers should prepare the lessons before teaching them to the students.

Patchi Chocolate

I am very glad to be near from the basic department of Patchi for several reasons. First, I prefer Patchi chocolate at most because of its favorable tasty. For this reason, Patchi is considered as one of the most known part for making chocolates in the world.

The Causes of Disfiguration

There are many reasons that lead to the dis-figuration. Explosions are the primary reason. Since they cause deformation. Also, chemical substances in explosions cause disfigurement.

My Favorite Type of Movie

Comedy show is my most enjoyable type of movie for several reasons. First, it makes me laugh. Because of this, this type is unique and it can improve my mood. Second, when I watch a movie for example about Mr. Bean, I feel great and I can continue my day happily. Therefore, I always prefer comedy type of show when I want to watch a movie.