University Students Life

    When we were at school, we all thought that university is our saver. We were such dreamers! How many things did we decide to do when we become university students?!! Now, I'm a university student and I have waken up from all the dreams. Actually, this period of studying is really stressful.
     Just hearing the word "exam" is really stressful. First of all, I start thinking about how much time
I have to prepare for the exam. Do I have another exam on the same day? Then, after preparing myself, I still feel stressed about occurring any sudden event that may forbid me from taking the exam. This will be a disaster because there are no make-up exams for any reason unless it is really convincing. Thus, I keep feeling nervous until I finish the exam.
     Another stressful thing university student may face is when a student fails in any course. First of all, he/she may be late in graduating. Moreover, he/she may have financial problems. In addition, the failure may affect his/her GPA. Therefore, we always try to study very well in order no to fail in any course since that is not stressful only for us but also for our families.
     Moreover, university students have a lot of stressful experiences that are seeming not too stressful. For example, coming late to class really gets me stressed. The first week of the university is full of stress. Any drop quiz may cause us to feel confused. Any conflict in time between two classes may stress us. And the final exam week is the most stressful week for university students.
     Finally, school students think that university students don't study that much and may not even have to attend classes. But the fact is that we should study, we should work, we should attend classes, we should be responsible for our behavior.

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