Am I Going to Die?!!!

Hey all, I really need to talk with someone. Every day I am getting depressed more and more. But what is the solution so! I am not comfort rather I am too tired. When I was at school, I thought all will be fine in the university and I didn’t recognized how tiring I will suffer there!
OK, that was my choice! But I didn’t know what I was waiting for. University life is not like we thought at all. I was dreaming and dreaming a lot but now I have woken up. I am studying nursing at the university and this is my second year and I am still not satisfied with the average that I have reached. I still wish more and more to happen. I want to complete my studying but I don’t know how that will be done after two years also. I am too frustrated because I feel there are too much still. I hope if I can close my eyes for a moment then open them and to find myself I’ve finished!
I feel that the university took me from the entire environment that I was really live around. I am not able now to sit with my parents as before! I can’t see my relatives like we used to! I missed all these days. I missed the school days. OK, I don’t want to be negative rather I am trying as possible. I look around me, never except studying! My friends are not beside me, my cousins even my parents! I am home just physically. I am not doing in my life except studying to gain higher and higher GPA.
Traveling and picnics become my dreams! I wish if I can escape from the university and from the entire mood of the books and studying. I feel like I have a disaster whenever I remember that I have a practice in this summer and I can’t take a rest because I’ll get late. But the most disaster is that whenever I don’t feel free in this major and I am thinking of choose another one!!! I am thinking of psychology, nutrition, medical lab, and microbiology. I hope I can do all these courses guys by the time that I wish also to finish master in education!! I can’t tell you that this is an optimistic view of my life. But the fact is that I am too tired because of the exaggerated thinking of all of these together by the time of the final exams!!!! But what can I do?!!
I liked nursing but in the same time I am dreaming of other things too. That’s why I decided to write about my problem to see if anyone has an advice for me. Moreover, I can’t change the major now or I will be late. I really need your praying. Thank you guys and please wish me good luck.

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