How is life ?!! people ask you something they don't have any business of that ! and others get curious a lot because of somethings they shouldn't ! is it weird enough to say for him not your problem and what's your matter ! I really get confused when some of them ask me anything he has nothing to do ! I feel I want to shout at him and say NOT YOUR BUSINESS ... I wish all of us just take care of ourselves and forget about others.

New Year At University

It's very nice day to start a new semester at the university and meet new teachers and friends and the classmates. A day of confusion and worrying ! Regardless of that I'm okay ... better than sitting at home and doing nothing ... I feel that I have come back to life again. All around me, some are new and some who I know ... it seems it will be a very busy semester ! But I like that really. It's very nice to feel that you have upgraded and you will take new courses depending on what marks you have deserved ! I hope all going well ... 

Mohammed: The Most Common Name In Britain

A recent study showed that the name which is the most widespread and common in the countryside of England and Wales in the UK is (Mohammed), and that despite the fact that the proportion of Muslims in the country still does not exceed 5% of the total population, which occupied the name (Mohammed) ranked first in terms of the number of newborns who are been called this name over the past year.

The Most 10 People Of Obesity In The World !

Here are global statistics around the most 10 people of obesity in the world. They are characterized from the least obesity rate to the most obesity rate as the following :

The 6 Most Important & Popular Languages In The World !

There are 6 languages that are the most important and widespread in the world according to global statistics. They are listed from the most important to the least important :

Stupidity makes money

Once, a little boy has entered a coiffure shop, then the coiffure has whispered to his customer : That is the stupidest boy at the world! Wait and I will ensure that for you.

Who is whistling ?!!

Once, there is a doctor in a university and he was explaining a lecture. Suddenly, he has heard a whistling voice. So, he asked his students : Who has toot right now !!

Google Search Problem

Today I am going to explain to you how can you solve this problem since I just finish solving it to me. If you face troubles when you are searching on Google, and the page don’t load after downloading Firefox new version or downloading Adblock plus all what you should do is the following :

Likesasap: A Big Liar Website

This website is really untruthful. I got banned without doing anything wrong!
I used to work on this website for a long time and once I received a sudden message telling me that I got banned. I tried to sign up again but I couldn't. 
Pay attention and don't try it. 

Talk To Your Child

We didn’t learn from nothing! We have born with unknowing naturally. Then, our parents have taught us till we become more understanding for life. Discussion is the most factors that affect positively your child’s life.

Be Yourself

A lot of humans nowadays take many considerations according to what is the most well-known and what is fit in front of others. And we forget about our needs and considerations.

The Meaning of Apology

Apology doesn’t always mean that you are wrong, it means that you appreciate your relationship with others more than your victory.

Know The Weather Around The World !

If you get interested to know the weather in everywhere just click on the website below : 

Lumia 620

From my own experience, I have found that my Lumia 620 phone is so good and it doesn’t have that much of disadvantages. But once, I have had a problem which is suddenly the phone couldn’t be opened, even during charging it becomes too hot, I have did format but also did not work.

Weird Similarity Between The Stars Around The World

There are many similarities among humans in the world. But really I didn't imagine that the similarity between some stars around the world could be as if they are twins !! Especially that they are not even in the same country !!  Look at these stars and their weird similarities between them !!

Know The Time And Date In Everywhere

This website helps to know the time difference between the countries
  1. It has many features, one of them knowing the time in different ways.
  2. Knowing of date and time at the same time for other countries.
  3. Can download a free clock on your desktop .

Screen Shot on Toshiba

Press CTRL + FN (which is next to the CTRL button) + PRTSC.

I don’t want money

I don’t want money
I just want you honey
You are so funny
I don’t want to feel lonely
I like your come suddenly

Tell me the truth

Tell me the truth
That you love me
Don’t lie
Just tell me that I
Will be your love
Just tell the truth
When you come
I become
Like a crazy
You are lazy
That’s amazing
You are my star
Don’t be far
Whenever you are
Just stay near
And tell me the truth
That you love me

I will not be like before

I will not be like before
I will not let you anymore
Every day I love you more
So give me a second….
To tell u about mine
With you I will be so fine
If you like me tell me
Or just give me a sign