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Lovely Birds

You and I forever will be like the lovely birds which are free
We must try hard to save our love from the entire world if they won’t agree
Don’t miss our true love story till we die
Do you remember our first date?!!
It was at eight 
If you ask me I will never be late …
You taught me that I must never hate
You are my fate
If I need anything, I will not find like you a mate
Really, I love you so much
And I can’t measure your love rate

My final expression …

If I behave like you
You won’t like to be you
You can try hard
To never lose your heart
You can keep maintain
To not lose your love
If you really care
Then where is the dare?!!
I’m always here
My heart is near
But whenever I will be
You will always be far
You can try hard
To change yourself
And don’t lose me
You can change yourself
To keep maintaining me
If you really want me …
That’s my final expression,
I loved you but you hurt me
Then what can I do?!!
If we don’t agree …
Adaptation must be
It may be too tired but we can change if we
Love and really love
But the truth is that we don’t …
Till forever I will say
Good bye “my love”.

I don’t want money

I don’t want money
I just want you honey
You are so funny
I don’t want to feel lonely
I like your come suddenly

Tell me the truth

Tell me the truth
That you love me
Don’t lie
Just tell me that I
Will be your love
Just tell the truth
When you come
I become
Like a crazy
You are lazy
That’s amazing
You are my star
Don’t be far
Whenever you are
Just stay near
And tell me the truth
That you love me

I will not be like before

I will not be like before
I will not let you anymore
Every day I love you more
So give me a second….
To tell u about mine
With you I will be so fine
If you like me tell me
Or just give me a sign

My Homeland

I -for you- tend
My heart for you, I lend
And all my life -for you- I vend
So, give me your hand
To live in our wide land

Cell Phones at Schools

Should we allow or ban cell phones at schools ?!! This is a main and popular topic at schools nowadays because of majority of guys who have cell phones, tablets, and all the staff. Some schools in many countries consider that cell phones are very beneficial for students while studying and many of others consider the opposite. If you are a teacher, or even a student, do you prefer to allow or to ban cell phones at schools and why ??!!

Parenting Stress

Parenting causes many stress on many parents .. But still, one have to adapt in order to maintain child’s life .. If you have children, you can suggest many solutions to get rid from this stress or even show us your situation ..

Arranged Marriage & Love Marriage

Are you married ? What kind of marriage you have done ?!
Arranged marriage or love marriage !! And if you aren’t married yet, what do you prefer between both ?!

Benefits of Reading

Whatever genre you want, romantic, comic, politic, even tragic … Just read. Reading is so fun if you understand what you read. Reading has much more benefits if one spends a lot of time for it.

The Angel Job


Are you enjoying responsibility? Are you like helping people? Are you organized? If yes, that is nice... You can be a nurse. A nurse not only rescues patient’s life but also protects his/her children from pains and risks. There are several jobs in nursing and all of them are much more required nowadays.

The Qualities of an Ideal Friend

any friends don’t deserve to called friends. Friends are always needed, because of this; we have to choose them correctly. They are the fun part of life. Friends should have many important qualities to be ideal.