Back Home!

Sometimes, we just feel that we need to write or to talk without even take care of what you will write only to express your feelings without caring about anything else. We feel that we want to tell everyone what we hide in ourselves and suddenly you get burst! Not only bad feelings and sadness distort you, good news also can do. And sometimes…, you feel that you don’t want to talk a word just to listen to your breath sounds! In this world, we can’t trust friends anymore. We can’t talk and talk about our concerns because they will simply do nothing if you even found a person to listen. I left my blog from a time I couldn’t remember. But now, I thought that this blog is mine, so it will don’t mind if it feels with me a little bit.

War of Clicks

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My Face

I don't know if there are any people think like me but I always have curiosity to see any one that may be (my twin) hmm I mean someone that may have the same face that I have haha even though I am getting shocked I don't know why! But I really get feared a lot but for example when we look at the mirror we don't get that fearing! Does any one like to see his similar?! And even if you found it, will you get shocked?!! Does any one has an interpretation why we get feared when we look at someone has like our face!! 

Age Group of Alcohol Abuse

Who are the alcohol abusers mostly?? Adolescence has the highest rate among alcohol abusers because there are many factors affect guys in this interval of time. First of all, they consider themselves older than before, thus, they drink like older people. Second, the peer pressure is a very dangerous factor. Adults may have alcohol addicted fiends so they become like their friends. Another factor is the environmental stress. For example, when the guy, in this age group, faces any problem, he solves it by drinking alcohol considering that he is old now.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Usually, alcohol abusers end up with a very sad story. Because alcohol blind mind, alcohol abusers can’t control their behaviors. Some of them die by car accidents while they are drinking. Others get fractured area of their body by car accident even because they are unconscious from alcohol they drink. Moreover, there are a lot of alcohol abuser get many diseases because of alcohol abuse. In the beginning, man doesn’t pay attention to these consequences until he became an alcohol addicted! I don’t know why we always wait for the suffering to enter our houses and then we don’t know how to get rid of it! Be aware guys. Do you really think that your concerns will be solved by drinking alcohol?!!! I don’t think so. We should be more intelligence to know how to solve our problems without letting such a drink control us! 

Causes of Alcohol Abuse

I found that this topic is so important to talk about because sadly this aspect has spread in a very wide range in the world. Absolutely we all know the diseases that the alcohol causes it. But now I am not going to talk about the disorders and how alcohol is too dangerous rather we should look for the causes. What are the causes that lead anyone to feel that he really needs to drink alcohol without caring to the diseases and whatever?!!