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Do you still have Friends!

      Someone said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Yet, not all what we dream about we can get! Nowadays, friends become like dreams. If you have a real friend, you achieved a lot in your life. The idea is not about how many friends you have. Rather, it is about how many real friends you have. One may have one, another may have two and the other may not even have any. It is all about your lucky. If you find one, you did well. Unfortunately, we are losing this value every day.

My First Challenge in Driving

From 2 days ago, it was my lovely day. My uncle taught me the first driving course. I get so happy to learn the beginning of driving a car. I can’t express my feeling how I felt. The more I go on the more self-confident I felt. Thank God, I finished without any troubles. Actually, it was a dream for me to learn how to drive a car. Because of that, I am so glad that I could do it ^_^ Hmm, my dad always travels me. He doesn’t let me go anywhere by my own. Wish me good luck my friends. 

Back ^_^

Hey my friends,
I miss you a lot, really I miss blogging. I was too busy in the university since I had final exams. Today is my first day of the vacation :) ^_^ I have prepared for the vacation since 2 weeks ago ^_^
I wish I can communicate to each one who is reading my post. I like to know much about you :) 
If any one likes to add me I will be so happy. 
I had really many experiences during this term. I was studying anatomy and physiology and I have faced many troubles with them. Since, there was a lot of complex information and details. But, finally, thank God, I have passed the course :) :) :) 


Broken Friendship

The Qualities of an Ideal Friend

any friends don’t deserve to called friends. Friends are always needed, because of this; we have to choose them correctly. They are the fun part of life. Friends should have many important qualities to be ideal.