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A Challenged Experience

To me, the university isn’t just about passing courses. Rather, it is a whole program which teaches me the life. When I finished my high school, I was afraid to go to a university because of the second language. Especially the Global University which many people worried me from going to it telling me that it’s very hard to pass the courses there since it just depends on English. But still, I challenged myself and went there and I did Eng104 and Eng105 and passed them. But when I reach to Eng201, several students frightened me from Mrs. Samira and from the course itself. Thus, I was training a lot in the summer writing my own blog. Therefore, I enrolled into it but without full of excitement. But indeed, I admit that I really get improved.

Collecting Languages

Hello every body, 
I like varieties in languages and I wish if I can learn many of them. I just can talk in English and Arabic languages and I am asking for a help from any one if he/she can teach me (French, Turkish, or British languages) I will really appreciate that ... we can take lessons here in the blog (in comments) as we can benefit the others also :) I want just learn the basics in communication. 
Thank you 

The 6 Most Important & Popular Languages In The World !

There are 6 languages that are the most important and widespread in the world according to global statistics. They are listed from the most important to the least important :

Speak a foreign language in a professional way !!!

If you want to be a professional speaker in any language that you learn, there is a specific way I have tried it that improved my speaker skills. I advise you to practice it too.