Do you still have Friends!

      Someone said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Yet, not all what we dream about we can get! Nowadays, friends become like dreams. If you have a real friend, you achieved a lot in your life. The idea is not about how many friends you have. Rather, it is about how many real friends you have. One may have one, another may have two and the other may not even have any. It is all about your lucky. If you find one, you did well. Unfortunately, we are losing this value every day.

      I am one who had many friends at school. Suddenly, when I finished my school, my friends became less and less till I guess I still have two. Even these two friends, we don’t meet because we are always busy. But, I lost my real friends. Rather, I thought that they were real! I don’t know. This kind of loose is really miserable. When any one knows that he/she has many friends and suddenly he/she wakes up and finds that he/she has nothing. I really get depressed.

      One of my friends engaged since 3 years ago. Then she got married. And she never asks about us till today! Another guy, we used to be real friends. He traveled since 2 years ago and he didn’t talk to us till now! The biggest disaster was that when my best friend got married she never talks to me. And the rest are like these examples too. But the question is that why are people changing! When we used to be close, why don’t we continue like that!! How one can forget his/her friends?!

       Someone told me that we will not last friends like we are at school. I still remember how rude I was with that guy when I defended. I told him no we are real friends and we can’t do like others. When I remember that guy and his speech, I really laugh. Every day, I think how much we were related to each other! And I am getting surprised how time is really changing us! I still have one friend. I pray to not leave each other. But it is about time no else.

       Now, at university, I am not looking for friends. I am not talking to others as real friends because I know I will get sad after a little time. I believe now that there are no real friends nowadays. These days don’t have best friends like before. Sometimes I wish I can return to my childhood. But it will not. To me, the university is just for studying. Sadly, I don’t believe if any one talks to me nowadays and wanted to be a friend with me. Because, I know that will be for short time and we will lose this friendship.

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