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Microbiology & Immunology

This semester, I have taken a nice course which is Microbiology and Immunology. 
In this course, I’ve live a nice short-life in the laboratory. 
And this was the most amazing part of the course.

My World

I missed something very important to me. Something I didn’t know that I’ll really miss. I am looking for myself from the while that I’ve stopped writing. Yes, writing is my life stories. I always used to write what I feel and what I did or what I wish. I am not writing to get famous or to get some attention from others. I just write because this is really my relief. Sometimes, I get depressed. And sometimes, I feel so happy to express my feeling. But the most time that I really need to write is that when my heart cries.

My First Challenge in Driving

From 2 days ago, it was my lovely day. My uncle taught me the first driving course. I get so happy to learn the beginning of driving a car. I can’t express my feeling how I felt. The more I go on the more self-confident I felt. Thank God, I finished without any troubles. Actually, it was a dream for me to learn how to drive a car. Because of that, I am so glad that I could do it ^_^ Hmm, my dad always travels me. He doesn’t let me go anywhere by my own. Wish me good luck my friends. 

A Challenged Experience

To me, the university isn’t just about passing courses. Rather, it is a whole program which teaches me the life. When I finished my high school, I was afraid to go to a university because of the second language. Especially the Global University which many people worried me from going to it telling me that it’s very hard to pass the courses there since it just depends on English. But still, I challenged myself and went there and I did Eng104 and Eng105 and passed them. But when I reach to Eng201, several students frightened me from Mrs. Samira and from the course itself. Thus, I was training a lot in the summer writing my own blog. Therefore, I enrolled into it but without full of excitement. But indeed, I admit that I really get improved.

Back ^_^

Hey my friends,
I miss you a lot, really I miss blogging. I was too busy in the university since I had final exams. Today is my first day of the vacation :) ^_^ I have prepared for the vacation since 2 weeks ago ^_^
I wish I can communicate to each one who is reading my post. I like to know much about you :) 
If any one likes to add me I will be so happy. 
I had really many experiences during this term. I was studying anatomy and physiology and I have faced many troubles with them. Since, there was a lot of complex information and details. But, finally, thank God, I have passed the course :) :) :) 

New Year At University

It's very nice day to start a new semester at the university and meet new teachers and friends and the classmates. A day of confusion and worrying ! Regardless of that I'm okay ... better than sitting at home and doing nothing ... I feel that I have come back to life again. All around me, some are new and some who I know ... it seems it will be a very busy semester ! But I like that really. It's very nice to feel that you have upgraded and you will take new courses depending on what marks you have deserved ! I hope all going well ... 

Frustrated conversations

At the beginning of the semester in my university, surely there are many conversations among students about courses which is the easiest and which is the hardest to study like many students do.

How have I chosen the nursing major ?!!

When I have finished the secondary school, I had to choose a major and a university .. I have had a lot of majors in my mind I like to do as many students. Honestly, I have wanted to choose teaching, English language, translating, business, nursing, nutrition, biomedical, … and my mind was too confused.