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Back ^_^

Hey my friends,
I miss you a lot, really I miss blogging. I was too busy in the university since I had final exams. Today is my first day of the vacation :) ^_^ I have prepared for the vacation since 2 weeks ago ^_^
I wish I can communicate to each one who is reading my post. I like to know much about you :) 
If any one likes to add me I will be so happy. 
I had really many experiences during this term. I was studying anatomy and physiology and I have faced many troubles with them. Since, there was a lot of complex information and details. But, finally, thank God, I have passed the course :) :) :) 

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

We -as humans- forget especially the information, but we all need to be more knowing about science information and those (Doctors and Physicians) who have studied and tired to achieve their positions in order to treat us ... So, at least to keep memorizing and respect those people I ask and encourage American cinema to direct more films like "The Ben Carson Story" to let these respectful people and their achievements in our minds. Really I liked this movie so much, at least now I have an idea about this doctor. I advise you to see it also in the link above.