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Famous Fast in Ramadan After Entering Islam

Millions of Muslims began in all parts of the earth fasting month of Ramadan, the month in which Muslims fast for 30 days for food and drink, smoking and marital relations from dawn until sunset in an attempt to get closer to God. 
According to the "International Business Times newspaper," the fasting resist the temptations of life for famous who newly converted to Islam may be more difficult. 

Michael's Jackson sister

US singer Janet Jackson's famous sister of the late legend Michael Jackson experiencing Ramadan for the first time after the its transformation to Islam last year. 
Janet turned from Christianity, which originated and raised to its teachings, and after her marriage to billionaire businessman Wissam Al Manea. 

Adding For (Abukhtalh Ahmed) 17 New Punishable Charges Some up to Execution

The American judicial authorities have added 17 new punishable charges some up to execution, the right of the Libyan Abukhtalh Ahmed, accused of being the mastermind of the attack that targeted the American diplomatic compound in the city of Benghazi, Libya September 2012, which led to the killing of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. 

Wonderful Material "help to breath under water"

Researchers developed a crystalline material that is characterized by its ability to lock up the gas, and can absorb and store large amounts of oxygen, as it can help in the future to ensure that breathing underwater. The researchers said, quoting "Elaph newspaper", that the crystalline material is characterized by its ability to lock up the gas, and that proportion is estimated by filling a bucket of  that substance is enough to absorb all the oxygen inside the room. The researchers expressed their wishes that the day will come when that substance is used by patients who suffer from lung problems and help divers to breathe underwater.

13 Living Organisms Have Wonderful and Unusual Capabilities !!

We review with you today a group of animals that are distinguished from the other animals by possessing unusual abilities, either in attack or defense or intelligence. What has observed in all these unusual qualities is that they are all resulted to defense against predators, or to hunt the preys, or other circumstances. For these reasons animals should use unusual ways in order to live. 

1. Lizard Basilisk

This lizard has the sufficient speed and agility that enable it to walk on water!

Mohammed: The Most Common Name In Britain

A recent study showed that the name which is the most widespread and common in the countryside of England and Wales in the UK is (Mohammed), and that despite the fact that the proportion of Muslims in the country still does not exceed 5% of the total population, which occupied the name (Mohammed) ranked first in terms of the number of newborns who are been called this name over the past year.

The Most 10 People Of Obesity In The World !

Here are global statistics around the most 10 people of obesity in the world. They are characterized from the least obesity rate to the most obesity rate as the following :

The 6 Most Important & Popular Languages In The World !

There are 6 languages that are the most important and widespread in the world according to global statistics. They are listed from the most important to the least important :

Weird Similarity Between The Stars Around The World

There are many similarities among humans in the world. But really I didn't imagine that the similarity between some stars around the world could be as if they are twins !! Especially that they are not even in the same country !!  Look at these stars and their weird similarities between them !!

Know The Time And Date In Everywhere

This website helps to know the time difference between the countries
  1. It has many features, one of them knowing the time in different ways.
  2. Knowing of date and time at the same time for other countries.
  3. Can download a free clock on your desktop .