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My Face

I don't know if there are any people think like me but I always have curiosity to see any one that may be (my twin) hmm I mean someone that may have the same face that I have haha even though I am getting shocked I don't know why! But I really get feared a lot but for example when we look at the mirror we don't get that fearing! Does any one like to see his similar?! And even if you found it, will you get shocked?!! Does any one has an interpretation why we get feared when we look at someone has like our face!! 

I Just Want to Be Normal

Sometimes, I feel bad without even know about the reason ! I do not know if there are people like me but really I find myself I can not determine why I am feeling like this ! why I am not comfortable ?! I am always trying to look for the main reason that causes me feeling miserably. As I am trying hard to find anything that change that mood but really I can't ! I do not want to be happy I just want to be normal. There are a lot of feelings control me may be because I am starting new semester at university after a month of vacation and now I am trying to adapt again.

Sometimes ...!

Sometimes, I feel that life is just boring and sometimes I feel that I am so busy in doing somethings and I wish anyone not interrupting me until I finish my work ! Sometimes, I feel I am so bad and sometimes I feel that life is not enough to me for express my happiness ! Sometimes, I sleep for 12 hours then I wake up lazily and sometimes I sleep for just 5 hours then I wake up actively ! That's life ... Sometimes you expect something then you get something else ...!

Don’t hurt the others !

One may be happy from a word and even cry from a word ! Our lives may change from nothing …… just words ! Many words may destroy us and lead to failure. Since we are humans and all of us have feeling. At the end, the nice and the bad word can be talked, so why we don’t keep controlling on our talking !!