History of the Family

From many years ago, most of the families had the same life style. The father was working and the mother was stayed at home raising their kids and doing house-chores while the kids were studying. However, nowadays, things are changing. Thus, the Lebanese families model change too. Accordingly, all family members are working in order to achieve their needs. The father and the mother are working together. Moreover, their children are studying at universities and they are working at a time. This change has happened because of several factors.
In addition, gender roles have been altered by this change. For example, in the old style families, the father was expected to have the final decision. These societies were considered patriarchal. However, nowadays, the families tend mostly to be egalitarian. For instance, many families share their opinions and then agree together on the decision. Thus, both the husband and the wife are the decision-makers by sharing their suggestions and ideas.
One of the most important factors that lead to that change is the money-matters. Families, nowadays, have more requests than the old family’s pattern. Therefore, numerous current families are working even more than one job at a time. For example, these days, cell phones, cars, and many other things are considered to be essential. Because of that, all family members are working to get more money. But for sure, working more than a job at a time makes them feel stressed.
Another important factor is women's self-actualization. Women, nowadays, are working in order to be more effective in society. Although they suffer from the second shift which is working outside then back home and finishing the housework-duties, they like to be worker women than just staying at home. Accordingly, feminist sociologists consider that wives have stress for a long time more than the husbands. Consequently, when the mother gets stressed, she may negatively affect all the family by the time.
Finally, students today become more responsible for their demands than previously since their necessities are increasing. For instance, they have schools or universities. They even need new clothes, smart phones ...etc. Because of that, they are working to achieve their wishes. Moreover, by the time that technology changes our societies, things become more expensively. Therefore, they can’t depend only on their parents to get what they want. Because of that, they are working. As a result, they may face a weak performance in schools or universities.
In conclusion, this change affects current families’ relationships since they get stressed because of these factors. For instance, the family members are losing their communication. They are always busy and in the end of the day they go home to sleep after a long tired day. However, family performs many important functions regardless of the busy life which the parents have including reproduction, protection, socialization, affection and companionship, provision of social status and many other functions. Accordingly, the function of the family can’t that easily be affected.

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