Avoid Selfishness

Selfishness is the most adjective that I hate. As I think that a lot of people hate it too.  Yes, we are human beings and all of us have something of this adjective. But, I really get surprised when I see a mother favors herself of her children!
When I see one of the brothers and sisters favors him/her! Or even when two beloved, one of them favors him/herself of the other! How can one be self-centered with people that he/she likes! 
If I really like my children, if I really like my mother, if I honestly love my husband, then how can I be selfish with people that I supposed to like and care them?! Those people who I supposed to treat them with all sincerely! Who doesn't want to be better than all people?! But still, we should like each other, we should wish for others like we wish for us. Why should we call them mothers if they like themselves more than their children?! Why do we love someone if he/she always favors him/herself! 
We often lose the valuable relationships because of selfishness. Moreover, how many people lose themselves because of selfishness!! 
In my opinion, if one insists to be self-centered, he must live alone. I think that living alone is the perfect decide to selfish people since they will always take care just of themselves.
However, they will not fire others. Also, they will become free forever like they wish. Then, they can work hard to achieve their goals away from others. Since selfish people don’t like others even if they advise those selfish individuals, they will always think that others get jealous from them. 
I advise all around me and all people who read this article to avoid selfishness because really we don’t like treating them at all. 


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