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Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Usually, alcohol abusers end up with a very sad story. Because alcohol blind mind, alcohol abusers can’t control their behaviors. Some of them die by car accidents while they are drinking. Others get fractured area of their body by car accident even because they are unconscious from alcohol they drink. Moreover, there are a lot of alcohol abuser get many diseases because of alcohol abuse. In the beginning, man doesn’t pay attention to these consequences until he became an alcohol addicted! I don’t know why we always wait for the suffering to enter our houses and then we don’t know how to get rid of it! Be aware guys. Do you really think that your concerns will be solved by drinking alcohol?!!! I don’t think so. We should be more intelligence to know how to solve our problems without letting such a drink control us! 


How is life ?!! people ask you something they don't have any business of that ! and others get curious a lot because of somethings they shouldn't ! is it weird enough to say for him not your problem and what's your matter ! I really get confused when some of them ask me anything he has nothing to do ! I feel I want to shout at him and say NOT YOUR BUSINESS ... I wish all of us just take care of ourselves and forget about others.

Lumia 620

From my own experience, I have found that my Lumia 620 phone is so good and it doesn’t have that much of disadvantages. But once, I have had a problem which is suddenly the phone couldn’t be opened, even during charging it becomes too hot, I have did format but also did not work.

Don’t lose your family

Most families have problems and concerns in their relationships. We may don’t talk to each other for a long time, even we may don’t like each other, and our minds may not agree with all of our family …

Choose your words

Judgment about something doesn’t affect ourselves, but the way that we talk hurts a lot .. How can one change positively his way of talking !! How can one choose carefully his words during any conversation !! We should learn the protocols of talking to avoid many types of problems. If we think before we talk, we can avoid a lot of troubles that we may do …

Ask your child

When I was in the secondary school, there was a doctor who taught me a lot … Once he told me something that I won’t be able to believe it, he said that when you face a problem and you don’t know how to solve it go and ask a child below 8 years (surely he meant a problem in our daily lives) and really I have tried it … I find it a good idea :)