What’s your purpose ??!!

No one can live without a purpose .. For what do we live if we don’t have goals in our lives !! One may live to learn, another may live to work, and there are a lot whom live just to save their families … So, you should have a purpose in your life and work hardly to achieve it because life is not just watching T.V or playing games etc…
I know many litterateurs live just to read, write, express and  teach others through their articles and poems. In addition, I know a lot of doctors and physicians that live to treat, care, promote health and prevent diseases. If you have a purpose and you really plan to achieve it that’s very good. But if you don’t have till now, ask yourself  for what do you live !! for whom you are living !! What do you want from this life !! What do you need !! Then, you can discover your purpose and work hardly to achieve it. Thus, you will find that your life is really valuable.

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