Age Group of Alcohol Abuse

Who are the alcohol abusers mostly?? Adolescence has the highest rate among alcohol abusers because there are many factors affect guys in this interval of time. First of all, they consider themselves older than before, thus, they drink like older people. Second, the peer pressure is a very dangerous factor. Adults may have alcohol addicted fiends so they become like their friends. Another factor is the environmental stress. For example, when the guy, in this age group, faces any problem, he solves it by drinking alcohol considering that he is old now.

Finally, Not only the main factor is the family but also the friends are considered more dangerous because this age group spend their time together more than spending it with their families. Therefore, we should take care of our children from the dangerous factors that circle them.

To protect our children we have to know the factors that may affect them. Do you know other factors that affect adults?!! 

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