Be Yourself

A lot of humans nowadays take many considerations according to what is the most well-known and what is fit in front of others. And we forget about our needs and considerations. We are just follow some people in their reflections, their images, their models not ours ! Then where is our distinguishes !! We dress like them, we eat like them, we register in social media just to be like them !! who are them ?? OTHERS.
And then … we forget about ours ! We should be ours. We can consider new considerations and opinions. We can be open-minds but not only to become a copy from them. We can be more flexible just for simplicity. But don’t dress that color just because your cousin dressed it and you are too jealousy. Don’t ask your mother if you can buy that shoes because you have seen your friend wore it !! Don’t put that kind of manicures since you found it so cute on friend’s hands ! I advise you guys to be yourself. Do that thing because you like it. Wear this cloth since you loved it. And always remember that if that thing seems nice for someone, that’s not necessarily to be nice for you. You should decide what you want. And never do anything that is related to your decides because others like that thing. Do that for yourself because you are only who know what is fit with you.

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