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Age Group of Alcohol Abuse

Who are the alcohol abusers mostly?? Adolescence has the highest rate among alcohol abusers because there are many factors affect guys in this interval of time. First of all, they consider themselves older than before, thus, they drink like older people. Second, the peer pressure is a very dangerous factor. Adults may have alcohol addicted fiends so they become like their friends. Another factor is the environmental stress. For example, when the guy, in this age group, faces any problem, he solves it by drinking alcohol considering that he is old now.

History of the Family

From many years ago, most of the families had the same life style. The father was working and the mother was stayed at home raising their kids and doing house-chores while the kids were studying. However, nowadays, things are changing. Thus, the Lebanese families model change too. Accordingly, all family members are working in order to achieve their needs. The father and the mother are working together. Moreover, their children are studying at universities and they are working at a time. This change has happened because of several factors.

Talk To Your Child

We didn’t learn from nothing! We have born with unknowing naturally. Then, our parents have taught us till we become more understanding for life. Discussion is the most factors that affect positively your child’s life.

Comparison Between The Old And Current Cartoons

The old cartoons were really amazing ! I can’t compare them with the current animated cartoons at all. The old cartoon programs have had entertaining stories and purpose.

Cartoons are talking

Cartoon programs become too dangerous on our children. Especially when we think that cartoon channels are the most secure for children and we leave them alone watching programs we don’t imagine that cartoons could be dangerous. There are many cartoons reduce the value of the father and show how he is stupid such as (Gumball) then we ask why our children become impolite !! And others make children want to fly to be like their idol such as (Ben 10, Danny Phantom). Really I wish that animated cartoons return as they were !

Ask your child

When I was in the secondary school, there was a doctor who taught me a lot … Once he told me something that I won’t be able to believe it, he said that when you face a problem and you don’t know how to solve it go and ask a child below 8 years (surely he meant a problem in our daily lives) and really I have tried it … I find it a good idea :)