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History of the Family

From many years ago, most of the families had the same life style. The father was working and the mother was stayed at home raising their kids and doing house-chores while the kids were studying. However, nowadays, things are changing. Thus, the Lebanese families model change too. Accordingly, all family members are working in order to achieve their needs. The father and the mother are working together. Moreover, their children are studying at universities and they are working at a time. This change has happened because of several factors.

What’s your purpose ??!!

No one can live without a purpose .. For what do we live if we don’t have goals in our lives !! One may live to learn, another may live to work, and there are a lot whom live just to save their families … So, you should have a purpose in your life and work hardly to achieve it because life is not just watching T.V or playing games etc…

Don’t lose your family

Most families have problems and concerns in their relationships. We may don’t talk to each other for a long time, even we may don’t like each other, and our minds may not agree with all of our family …

People's Communication Have Been Changed

    Computers have changed people's communication patterns in several ways. Computers have made people talk less than before with their families as they consider that using the computer is the most important thing in their lives. Also one has to highlight that teenagers especially have become very rude with their families. Indeed, our communications have been effected by using computers.