The Available and Helpful Reference "T.V."

     "Television Addiction" is an article written by Marie Winn. She has talked about the time when T.V. becomes a serious addiction. Also, she compared it with the alcoholic or drugs addiction. By supporting her point of view, she clearly showed by giving many examples the negative influence of television on our minds. But Marie Winn has ignored the positive effects of television on our culture.
     First of all, the writer said: "The worries and anxieties of reality are as effectively deferred by becoming absorbed in a television program" I felt that she forgot something very important, we know about the news of our society and other societies also from this small screen. For instance, we are watching the wars in Iraq, Syria, ...etc on many available channels.
     In addition, the writer has just focused on television as a serious addiction. In fact, she was all the time against the television especially when she said: "The television habit distorts the sense of time" But I see that while we are watching for example the Indian, Korean, Syrian series or any other series, we are developing our knowledge about the cultural variations. Therefore, this is a kind of knowledge while I am watching others' symbols and languages.
     Finally, the author has focused on the television as "it is an unproductive experience". But the author was not successful in making me feel that for a very simple reason. Our English teachers always advise us to watch English movies and news in English like BBC to improve our English. Another simple example is that we learn information about animals, insects, nature through watching programs on many effective channels like the Discovery channel.
     In conclusion, T.V has positive and negative influences. However, Marie Winn has focused only on the negative influences. In my opinion, this article has merely shown television in one way but it is still very important for us in order to control practicing this experience.

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