Talk To Your Child

We didn’t learn from nothing! We have born with unknowing naturally. Then, our parents have taught us till we become more understanding for life. Discussion is the most factors that affect positively your child’s life.

As we know that naturally children know nothing in life till we teach them step by step. Also, they don’t be affected from any medium like our effects. So, what I want to telling you is that your child really needs you. Since if you don’t talk to your child and discuss the subjects that are related to life how your child can know that!! If you don’t talk to your child, he will depend on others in order to teach him. In addition, we know how this may form a big danger on child’s mind especially if your child depends on someone who is not following your thoughts! You should be responsible for your child to protect him. Whatever question he asks, he has to find the answer at his parents. Since the first and the trust reference for the child is his parents. Parents have a lot of roles in child’s life. Not only feed, treat, and give money. Moreover your child needs your real present. That’s mean when he have a question you should answer him. That will make him more conscious and more knowledge about life. So, the more you teach him the more he will be protected from many dangers he could face. You can talk to your child honestly. You can always give him real stories about life in order to teach him how to be more adaptable with the concerns and troubles that he could face later on.

At the end, I advise you to keep maintain your child and talking to him continuously since if you never talk about many subjects freely he may face a lot of psychological diseases especially if he surprised face troubles around himself with unknowing how to solve them.

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