Bats are not as we thought!

I have read about something that really get me surprised ! I have read about "Bats" it was really attractive article as it has a lot of Information that I was not know them ! Bats have 1000 species and not all of them feed on the same! many of them feed on insects and others feed on fruits, flowers, ... and many others feed on Blood of large mammals such as cow.
Moreover, They have structures similar to human's body !!
In addition, I have learned that bats are not blind. Yet, they don't see colors. As they have good vision and they do echolocation process which is emission of sounds from their mouths to avoid beating something while they are flying and to determine the insects Location to catch up the insects. Finally, they are much less than before in many countries because of Humans and chemicals. Although they have many positive functions, one of them that they eat insects which cause viruses and severe diseases.

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