Who doesn't look for the beauty ?!?

For sure here I mean the beauty of our partner who we are looking for. Every human has its own beauty. But we are thinking just of the out beauty regardless of the feeling, treatment, behavior and how the person looks.
Because of that, we may choose the incorrect partner surely because we are looking only for the out beauty not for the prettiness of the personality. And we forget that we will treat this person not only look at him/her all the day. 
I am not saying look for an ugly one and love him/her of course not. I just trying to say something important which is the partner who we will choose must have more that cuteness. It must have the way of talking, understanding, may be funny, etc.
What I mean is that there are a lot of values and considerations much more important than the beauty. Finally, I advise you to take care very well when you are choosing someone and always remember that you will treat a soul.

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