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Collecting Languages

Hello every body, 
I like varieties in languages and I wish if I can learn many of them. I just can talk in English and Arabic languages and I am asking for a help from any one if he/she can teach me (French, Turkish, or British languages) I will really appreciate that ... we can take lessons here in the blog (in comments) as we can benefit the others also :) I want just learn the basics in communication. 
Thank you 

New Year At University

It's very nice day to start a new semester at the university and meet new teachers and friends and the classmates. A day of confusion and worrying ! Regardless of that I'm okay ... better than sitting at home and doing nothing ... I feel that I have come back to life again. All around me, some are new and some who I know ... it seems it will be a very busy semester ! But I like that really. It's very nice to feel that you have upgraded and you will take new courses depending on what marks you have deserved ! I hope all going well ... 

Teachers & Students

There are many things that teachers and students have in common. First, teachers have their own lives. Likewise, students have their activities. Another similarity is preparing the lessons. Teachers should prepare the lessons before teaching them to the students.