13 Living Organisms Have Wonderful and Unusual Capabilities !!

We review with you today a group of animals that are distinguished from the other animals by possessing unusual abilities, either in attack or defense or intelligence. What has observed in all these unusual qualities is that they are all resulted to defense against predators, or to hunt the preys, or other circumstances. For these reasons animals should use unusual ways in order to live. 

1. Lizard Basilisk

This lizard has the sufficient speed and agility that enable it to walk on water!

2. Foliage Insects 

Stranger than a chameleon in disguise where this insect that looks as bargaining trees rather than an insect. It looks as walking bargaining trees, so they sway back and forth to mimic the foliage when the wind is blowing!

3. Fish Snake

Fish Snake or "Eel" to protect itself from other predatory fish, this snake generates electric power by 500 volts. 

4. Australian Bears

To protect themselves from enemies, these bears publish their droppings around the area where they live, causing bad smells last to 100 nights!

5. White-Tailed Deer Animate

When a predator approaches from fawns , they change its beating heart rate to drop misted in a state of inertia. The result: it looks for any animal like a dead body that it will not be attracted to animals.

6. Ladybird 

Or beetles female, to protect themselves from enemies, these beetles urinate blood!

7. Malaysian Ants

Suicide is the solution! .. When these ants feel threatened, it does blew itself !

8. Immortal Jellyfish

These jellyfish live in the Mediterranean, and surprisingly, when you look at them, you notice that they are sexually immature, but the fact that they can control it! After arriving to the stage of sexual maturity, these jellyfish can return itself to the stage of immaturity again!

9. Shrimp

Forget about its delicious tasty, there are types of shrimp with small sharp claws, as it releases sounds that frightens all around it and also it launches bullets from the bubbles!

10. Squid

These animals have the ability to adapt its body tissues to be colored according to where it hides to look almost invisible to any predator on (in addition, it has a color blindness).

11. Hippo

Hippos have the ability to secrete what we know as the "sweat Blood", sweat does not look like sweat, and blood does not look like blood! The reason for this is that it protects itself from sunburn and keeps its body hydrated.

12. Coupler Lizards 

These lizards have the ability to launch the blood from their eyes to protect themselves from predators. In the desert of Texas, foxes spit out these lizards shocking or disgusting because of the blood that is launched.

13. Northern Fulmars Bird 

Simply try to approach the eggs or chicks of this bird, you will find later shells of the orange vomited and disgusted viscous delivered by this bird toward you!

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