Microbiology & Immunology

This semester, I have taken a nice course which is Microbiology and Immunology. 
In this course, I’ve live a nice short-life in the laboratory. 
And this was the most amazing part of the course.

My World

I missed something very important to me. Something I didn’t know that I’ll really miss. I am looking for myself from the while that I’ve stopped writing. Yes, writing is my life stories. I always used to write what I feel and what I did or what I wish. I am not writing to get famous or to get some attention from others. I just write because this is really my relief. Sometimes, I get depressed. And sometimes, I feel so happy to express my feeling. But the most time that I really need to write is that when my heart cries.

I just want a trustful social media !

I have looked for many sites of social media for communication with foreign people but unfortunately I haven’t found any of them which really beneficial for communication. I have tried a lot but I found that the people are less communicable these days I don’t know why! But now, I am happier because I found many social people in my university. Yet, I hoped if I found any social people in trustful social media.

Am I Going to Die?!!!

Hey all, I really need to talk with someone. Every day I am getting depressed more and more. But what is the solution so! I am not comfort rather I am too tired. When I was at school, I thought all will be fine in the university and I didn’t recognized how tiring I will suffer there!

Discover your Typing Speed

I find a very beneficial website. This website is to test your typing speed. Additionally, after the result, you can take some free courses to increase you typing speed. Just try it! 

Work whatever you want for $5

Today, I has registered on a nice website. Of course, most people know about it. This site which gives us a chance to sell anything for $5. If you like to visit and try it, this is your track (Y) 
Go ahead! 
I wish me and you good luck.  

Do you still have Friends!

      Someone said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Yet, not all what we dream about we can get! Nowadays, friends become like dreams. If you have a real friend, you achieved a lot in your life. The idea is not about how many friends you have. Rather, it is about how many real friends you have. One may have one, another may have two and the other may not even have any. It is all about your lucky. If you find one, you did well. Unfortunately, we are losing this value every day.