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New Year At University

It's very nice day to start a new semester at the university and meet new teachers and friends and the classmates. A day of confusion and worrying ! Regardless of that I'm okay ... better than sitting at home and doing nothing ... I feel that I have come back to life again. All around me, some are new and some who I know ... it seems it will be a very busy semester ! But I like that really. It's very nice to feel that you have upgraded and you will take new courses depending on what marks you have deserved ! I hope all going well ... 

Stupidity makes money

Once, a little boy has entered a coiffure shop, then the coiffure has whispered to his customer : That is the stupidest boy at the world! Wait and I will ensure that for you.

Who is whistling ?!!

Once, there is a doctor in a university and he was explaining a lecture. Suddenly, he has heard a whistling voice. So, he asked his students : Who has toot right now !!

Lumia 620

From my own experience, I have found that my Lumia 620 phone is so good and it doesn’t have that much of disadvantages. But once, I have had a problem which is suddenly the phone couldn’t be opened, even during charging it becomes too hot, I have did format but also did not work.

Speak a foreign language in a professional way !!!

If you want to be a professional speaker in any language that you learn, there is a specific way I have tried it that improved my speaker skills. I advise you to practice it too.

Frustrated conversations

At the beginning of the semester in my university, surely there are many conversations among students about courses which is the easiest and which is the hardest to study like many students do.

How have I chosen the nursing major ?!!

When I have finished the secondary school, I had to choose a major and a university .. I have had a lot of majors in my mind I like to do as many students. Honestly, I have wanted to choose teaching, English language, translating, business, nursing, nutrition, biomedical, … and my mind was too confused.

Ask your child

When I was in the secondary school, there was a doctor who taught me a lot … Once he told me something that I won’t be able to believe it, he said that when you face a problem and you don’t know how to solve it go and ask a child below 8 years (surely he meant a problem in our daily lives) and really I have tried it … I find it a good idea :)